Friday, June 1, 2012

Morse Avenue closed again for more early work

(Rogers Park) - After very little disruption caused to the neighborhood with last week's no warning street closure on Morse, Lunt and Glenwood -- the CTA has again closed off Morse, Lunt, Glenwood, and now Wayne Street for more early work to the previous announced train station rehab.

According to the CTA website, all southbound trains will not stop at Jarvis, Morse or Loyola from June 1, 2012, at 1 PM until Monday, June 4, 2012, at 4 AM.

Some neighbors worry this weekends closure will effect the first Glenwood Farmer's Market, scheduled for Sunday Morning. It's one thing being dropped off from heading south to the market on the train. It's much different when you've pick up a bag of fresh fruit and veggies and have no way to get them home, when you live south of Morse Avenue.

Unless you want to go to Howard first.

Ald. Moore said on Everyblock: "For the record, I'm as surprised as everyone else. My office received no advanced notice of these street closures...."

Streets closed: Morse from Lakewood to Greenview - Glenwood from Lunt to Farwell - Lunt from Glenwood west - Wayne from Farwell to Morse.


Kevin O'Neil said...

Craig, just to give credit where it's due, the alderman actually was quoted in CTA Tattler. While he did "say it on EveryBlock," I am the one who got the quote from him.

You should get credit for enterprise work that you do, and I should too!


Kevin O'Neil
CTA Tattler

Craig Gernhardt said...

Sorry Kevin. I missed this ripe quote somehow by Joe.

"The lack of notice surrounding this project is stunning. In the interest of resolving these issues with the CTA today in a productive and civil fashion, I will leave it at that. Stay tuned....."

Boy, I'd love to be the fly on the wall at that get-together.