Sunday, May 27, 2012

Anonymous 911 caller lies about gun to get quick police response

(Rogers Park) - In what turns out to be a regular event, someone called 911 about a person with a gun, that turned out not to be true.

On May 27, 2012 around 3:20 PM, an anonynous 911 caller reportedly called police about a person - who allegedly pointed a gun at her at 1625 West Farwell. When police arrived, she admitted to police she said a gun was involved to get the police to arrive quicker than if she would've reported the incident without a gun.


jeffo said...

Not a good thing to do IMHO.
Bad to give info that is misleading. If gang loitering is what is being called, better to say they are either dealing drugs, or throwing gang signs etc.....

Which is not ALWAYS perhaps the MOST accurate, but its MORE ACCURATE then saying that someone has a gun. :)

jeffo said...

BTW nice pic of fish hanging in a tree Craig!!!