Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good Samaritan helps with fire in Edgewater (Update)

Fire engulfed a 4 story apartment building in Edgewater on May 27.
Fire command keeps tabs on each apartment
(Edgewater) - A four story, 40 unit apartment building at 6134 North Kenmore caught fire May 27, 2012 around 11 AM, leaving multiple families without a place to stay in the near future.

These families can be thankful to be alive. Neighbors witnessed tenants tossing babies from windows.

One tenant jumped from a window, breaking an arm.

In all over a dozen people went to the hospital, including firefighters and a police office, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The fire started on the third floor.

Good samaritan Mark Blackburn
One good samaritan was 25 year old Mark Blackburn. 

Few of those residents displaced pointed Mark out as someone who was below when a mother was dropping her children from a window on the second floor.

Afterward Mark said he though he had caught about 5 kids. ESPN intern Lauren Klopmeyer called him a "hero," on twitter.

Firefighter on Truck 47
A firefighter from Truck 47 was totally exhausted after the fire but still had enough energy to load his saw cutter, even though other firefighters offered to help.

As of 1 PM, the fire had been extinguished and residents wondering where they're going to sleep tonight.

Update - 2:40 PM: Boo on the city. Red Cross is on scene, but Chicago Department of Human Services is not. 20 residents are displaced and Red Cross needs help from the city for transport of these displaced residents.


North Of Rogers said...

Will Mark be recognized for his actions? I would love to be there to add my praise, for a man who acted so bravely.

Flawless217 said...

Mark should not be recognized for $#!t ,he was a squatter living in the apt that the fire started in, this is bs.

Flawless217 said...

He should be recognized as a poser, he was squatting in the building dealing drugs and partying all night, he was squatting in the apt that the fire may have started in, so you tell me what he should be recognized for