Friday, June 1, 2012

A battle is brewing on Glenwood Avenue (Update)

(Rogers Park) - On Sunday, June 3, 2012, the Glenwood Farmer's Market is set to open for the summer on Glenwood Avenue, from Lunt to Morse. According to Alderman Joe Moore, this permit was issued by the City of Chicago in December 2011.

But along comes the CTA with a multi-million dollar renovation to the Morse "L," and a battle of permits starts brewing.

In the Market's defense, work wasn't supposed to begin until June 29, 2012. But the CTA started the project a month ahead of schedule. Any other neighborhood would be thrilled to have work by a city agency start early. Not Rogers Parkers. They're up in arms.
Here's the latest quote coming from 49th Ward Ald. Joe Moore on Everyblock  "I just spoke with Sheree (Rogers Park Business Alliance) a few minutes ago and reminded her that the Glenwood Sunday Market has a permit from the City of Chicago, issued last December, to use its usual location on Glenwood from Morse to Lunt every Sunday between now and the end of the October. The CTA has no legal basis to push the market out of its location. I'm hosting a meeting with the CTA officials later this afternoon when we'll hash this all out. I'll provide everyone in my ward with a full report afterwards...."
BLOGNOTES: So, who owns the legal right to hog the public street? Who has more power, the Alderman or the CTA? Can't wait to see how this turns out.
UPDATE: At 1:40 PM, Alderman Moore informed the CTA Tattler's, Kevin O'Neil, via Everyblock:  "I just got off the phone with the Deputy Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Transportation. He told me they are holding off issuing the permit to the CTA's contractor for the 6900 block of the west side of Glenwood. This means that at least for this weekend, the Market will be held in its usual location on Glenwood between Morse and Lunt."

BLOGNOTES #2: Round 1 to Alderman Moore. Now, where are drivers going to park -- and how are mass transit riders going to get home? More questions for our RP neighbors to stew about.


BlackPug said...

Damned if you do, damned if you don't! I think it would be best for the work to be done as quickly as possible, but, hey, that's just me :-)

I'm sure on EB one can find complaints about the current "L" stop conditions, CTA "L" stop construction (early or not), and when it's all completed, complaints will pop up about the finished product. RP residents on EB will always find something to bitch about, even if it's off the original discussion topic.

The Glenwood Farmer's Market will be fine where ever it is located during the summer; as long as I can pick up my CSA share of vegetables, I'm a happy guy!

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Craig, much appreciated!

Hugwolf said...

Maybe the fruitcake every blockers can demand they open up a pop-up art gallery featuring menstrual blood paintings about their gay vegan pomeranians.
I have a new term: menta-fuckingly ill.

jeffo said...

Well I will agree everyblockers will find alot to complain about. Personally I dont care about any closures. There is much work to be done, if they get started earlier than that is a good thing.

Kevin O'Neil said...

The market won because Sheree told me there were more than 2,00 who came through this weekend. The largest crowd last year was about 1,500.

jeffo said...

Wow, more than 2000.
Thats awesome Kevin.

jeffo said...

What has happened to Now in Rogers Park? Almost two weeks and not a peep.