Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend of rock in Rogers Park

School of rockers jam out
on Father's Day at Pratt Pier.
(Rogers Park) - It's hard to focus on blogging when it's so nice outside and so much to do around the neighborhood. Like this weekend's Artist of the Wall at Pratt Pier. Or Friday night's Pat Travers concert at the Mayne Stage.

First off, the Artist on the Wall. Besides the annual painting of the wall along the pier by neighbors to kick off summer, a stage has been set up for bands to play. When I heard that School of Rock was performing, I wanted to see them, as I liked the movie so much.

It's a great premise, whereas kids learn to be in a band and ultimately perform before a rowdy audience. Heady stuff when you're dealing with a dirty/nasty career choice like Rock & Roll.

Which brings me to Friday night at the Mayne Stage. I saw the marquee on Friday morning saying Pat Travers was playing, and did nothing but drool all day; waiting to see the show that night.

I hadn't enjoyed a good Rogers Park Rock & Roll concert in a long time. I think the last show was Jefferson Airplane at the Heartland. Or Foghat at Biddy Mulligan's. Or was it Journey and REO Speedwagon at the Granada Theatre?

Even if the show was sold out, I was going to find a way in.

Seeing the stage door of the Mayne Stage is so close to my back door, I was thinking of setting up a lawn chair in the alley and ask someone to prop the door open.

All that wasn't necessary. Sean McCown and the entire staff of the Mayne Stage/Act One were very accommodating. I surely don't believe I've got enough clout to deserve the treatment I received. (Thank you, Mayne Stage staff!)
Reserved booth tag waiting for me.
The show was as billed. Good old classic Rock & Roll from the 70s and 80s. The booth seats were great and all, but nothing says "Boom Boom, Out go the lights" like standing in front of the stage speakers at near full volume. Pat played nearly every hit in his collection. And then some. After the show he held a meet & greet for the fans in the lobby.

Customized my Crash & Burn album
with a personal autograph from Pat Travers
While the Mayne Stage gets rave reviews for it's highly acoustic symphonic sound, the room packs quite a punch with ear shattering electric guitars, a thundering bass player and pounding symbols and drums.

Not to mention the sound of a 60 something Jack Daniel's drinking singer who screams songs like "Snorting whiskey and drinking cocaine" at the top of his lungs!

I can't wait to see what classic rock act they book next.  What better place to listen than in your own back yard. Or alley.

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jeffo said...

nice picture craig. Good to see you are back.