Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why would Kyle Hillman care about the Eavesdropping Law?

(Rogers Park) - Lots of arm-chair chatter on Everyblock by Kyle Hillman about the Eavesdropping Law being over-turned has got me thinking.

Why would Kyle Hillman even care a rat's ass about this law? Has Kyle Hillman ever been bullied by the police because of this law?

See, reason I bring this up, is; this law has effected me personally.

More than once.

More than twice.

Heck, I could list a half dozen more if I linked to the Broken Heart of Rogers Park.
(see video link on right)

So, Kyle Hillman, you want to go on Everyblock and talk about a subject like you know what you're talking about. Try actually experiencing the subject at hand - real-time. Stop being an arm-chair internet quarterback.

Go out and report something that pisses the police off. Like crime in Rogers Park. Then, maybe, we'll take you seriously.

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matt said...

I don't understand. Are you challenging him to piss off the police and record it?