Friday, May 11, 2012

Mid-day shooting at 1600 West Jonquil - (Updated 10X)

Police investigate the shooting by
Gale Elementary School
at Jonquil and Ashland
(Rogers Park) - In what appears to be a broad daylight shooting near Gale Elementary School, on May 11, 2012, at 10:46 a.m., "Six shots" were reported fired, and the offender(s) fled in either a blue, black or red car. Anonymous 911 callers have three different descriptions of the car in question.

Some anonymous 911 callers say it was an SUV, some say it was a PT cruiser.

The shooting has multiple locations according to the anonymous 911 callers. Most calls are coming in at 1600 West Jonquil, by the elementary school and weekly rent hotel across the street.

One anonymous caller say a male/black, who fled southbound on Ashland, towards Howard, in the park, wearing a green or black outfit, with a gun.

Update - 10:56 AM: Chicago and Evanston Police are working on the shooting case. Evanston Police have one vehicle matching one of the description(s) in site, and a foot chase is in progress with one of the occupants.

Update - 10:57 AM:  The Police "blue light" camera on the corner of Jonquil and Ashland may have caught the shooter? Police are asking OEM to check the tapes.

Update - 10:59 AM: No word if anyone was hit. Subject hasn't shown up at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, yet.

Update - 11:01 AM: Evanston have one "person of interest" in custody.

Update - 11:04 AM: Casing are for a 40 caliber automatic pistol were recovered.

Update - 11:07 AM: A gun has been recovered by Evanston Police. Both departments are working to see if this gun matches the bullet shell casings at Jonquil and Ashland in Chicago.

Update - 11:12 AM: Chicago Police say the intended victim was a known "GD" - with the street nickname of "GZ."

Update - 11: 21 AM: Even more anonymous 911 caller tips, 20 minutes after the shooting. This closet caller called police saying the black chevy had four people inside. One in the car was wearing a red cap turned backwards, and goes by the street name of "Pooh" or "Pooh bear."

Update - 1:18 PM: Multiple Rogers Park net-neighbors are high-fiving and thanking each other on Everyblock because shots were fired this morning. Net-neighbors who warn people to move to safety from "The Jungle" are being no-thanked. Pretty sad stuff from our anonymous arm-chair community members who contribute to the gossip and speculation without facts on the internet.

Update - 1:20 PM: Solid reporting, not speculation and gossip like Everyblock dot com. Bill Smith from Evanston Now has the Evanston side of the story. Two nabbed in Rogers Park shooting near Gale School. Two schools in Evanston put on lock-down.

What Everyblock neighbors with real names are saying....
Shots Fired Jonquil and Ashland
"Just heard 4 gun shots at Jonquil and Ashland and saw a blue SUV speeding away. Last night heard 2 shots that also sounded like they came from the same area. I'm supposed to be walking past that corner in a few minutes with my 2 kids and don't know what to do!"


Coke Zero's #1 fan said...

The heights of the mental illness over at Everyblock seem to know no limits!! Now they are "voting down" anything that anybody not in their clique posts.
I have an idea: If gangbangers like shooting guns, we can draft them and send them to Iraq, Afghanistan, anyplace else that has oil we want, I mean, fighting the terrorists. Should be no shortage of them for quite awhile.

jeffo said...

agreed cznmbr1,

The voting down stuff at EB site is a bit ridiculous. There are some NOH peeps that are very cliquey and vote down certain people all the time. No matter. Thats okay, they mainly prefert to discuss national/political issues then important local issues