Friday, April 27, 2012

Local blogger nearly arrested

(Rogers Park) - Bloggers must rank right there with the local criminals when it comes to the 24th District Police Department.

While trying to cover the "dog & pony" show Mayor Enamuel, Governor Quinn and US Senator Dick Durbin held at the Mayne Stage, April 27, an officer in the 24th District, and his superior, threatened to arrest me if I didn't leave where I was standing; while waiting to take a few photographs of the event.

I guess I was "negative loitering?"

The troublesome part is the way the officer came upon me. He mumbled some sort of crap about knowing "who I was" — and if I didn't leave, he was going to arrest me. Words were exchanged between the officer and I, while numerous secret service personal and television cameras looked on.

His white shirt boss was there making sure the blue shirt officer was doing what was ordered of him, forcing me on the other side of the street - or I was going to be handcuffed and taken to the pokey.

Funny, I never knew a local blogger ranked so far down the totem pole, to be arrested for wanting to cover local community news.

With all the politicians coming in, I was able to plead my case to Alderman Osterman (48th ward) about the situation. He, in return, contacted Alderman Moore, who got me in. I did have to promise Alderman Moore I would behave myself, as he escorted me by the 24th District police officer who threatened to arrest me.

I must be as bad as the guys who shoot each other - just to shoot each other. At least they didn't do a "contact card" on me, again.

After all, I was in a known and established  "gang hot spot."

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