Friday, April 27, 2012

Morse/Jarvis CTA stations part of $86 million dollar makeover

(Rogers Park) - Lawmakers from nearly every branch of Government joined together at the Mayne Stage, located at 1328 West Morse, on April 27, 2012, to announce a major overhaul to many North-side CTA Red-line stations.

US Senator Durbin speaks about
the mass transit overhaul at the Mayne Stage
For Rogers Park, it means the Morse Avenue station, which was built in 1908, "the last time the Cubs won a World Series," said Mayor Emanuel, and located steps from the Mayne Stage, will be one of the first receiving local, state and federal funds.

Mainly federal funds, though. $80 of the $86 million are coming from the Federal Government.

CTA boss Forrest Claypool called these seven stations receiving the funds, "the worst stations in the system..."

Project details include improved station layouts, new windows, doors, signage, lighting, security, platforms, turnstiles, viaducts, track work and waterproof roofs.
Mayor Enamuel addresses questions from the
media at the Mayne Stage, 1328 West Morse

Mayor Emanuel said, "The esthetics will all be different." 

He also went on to say this project was put on "the fast track." The mayor added, " I am committed to repairing the citys crucial inter-structure and creating the opportunity for Chicagoans to move around the city and get to work with ease."

Senator Durbin stated, "The Red line is the heart of the CTA rail network."

"Illinois' strong transportation system serves as a key advantage in attracting new business to our state," said Governor Quinn. The project claims to be able to generate 250 full time jobs.

Alderman Moore welcomes all
the dignitaries to the neighborhood
Seven north side stations are involved in this massive $86 million public works project. Including two stations in Rogers Park.

The Morse station work will begin June 29, 2012.

Jarvis work will begin November 9, 2012.

Each station will be closed up to six weeks for the work to be completed.

Roll Call - Present: Alderman(s) Tom Tunney (44th), James Cappleman (46th), Harry Osterman (48th) and Joe Moore (49th). 

State Rep. Kelly Cassidy and Sara Feiginholtz. 

State Senator Heather Steans. 

Mayor Rahm Emanuel. 

US Senator Dick Durbin.

Governor Pat Quinn.

Not Present: US Rep. Jan Schakowsky. County Board Larry Suffredin.


Craig Gernhardt said...

I'll have a story later about our tough ass 24th district cops trying to arrest me for covering this event.

Our Commander must really have it out for me.

Clark St. said...

What the Hell are they wasting money on Jarvis for?
It's just two lousy blocks from Howard!
Walk it!

Oh, I forgot, Moore's office is right next door to the station so his flunkies can take the all slow zone Red Line downtown.
I'm sure Moore rides in a city provided & paid for car.

jeffo said...

Glad you didnt get arrested Craig.
Nice coverage of the story!!!
Nice pics.