Friday, May 25, 2012

Search for missing teen continues (FOUND)

Emergency rescue diver searches for a missing teen as a Coast Guard helicopter hovers above.
Coast Guard search began at the crack of dawn

(Rogers Park) - After a long search into the night for a missing teen in Lake Michigan, rescuers continued their search at 5:30 AM, with a Coast Guard helicopter hovering over the lake, in hopes of recovering the missing body.

At 6 AM, there was hope, as something was spotted 40 yards in the water off Morse Avenue beach. Three police divers went out to check it out, but it was just a plastic garbage bag floating in the water.

Divers returned in the early morning
hours to resume their search for the missing teen.
The mother of one of the teens was sitting on the beach watching and praying. She told me her daughter is in the hospital and doing fine. She also mentioned her daughter wanted to thank all the first responders who saved her and her friends life.

The mother of the other rescued teen was admitted to the hospital with hysteria and had to be sedated.

Marine units are continuing the search throughout the morning.

UPDATE: The body was found shortly after 8 AM.

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jeffo said...

You can clearly see the graffiti on the pier in that shot.