Thursday, May 24, 2012

One teen female still missing in lake mishap off Greenleaf Ave.

One of the teenage females rescued cries for her missing friend.
Chicago Fire Department diver holds onto a rope
as he heads out for a rescue attempt
(Rogers Park) - Around 6 PM, May 24, 2012, Chicago emergency crews, including the Chicago Fire, Chicago Police and Marine units, put on a massive search, after a call of three people in distress in Lake Michigan.

Large waves engulf an emergency
diver along a metal break wall.
Two Police boats, a fire department boat and what looked like a Coast Guard boat, along with a Chicago Fire Department helicopter were used in the rescue.

Two of the three teenage females have reportedly been pulled to safety, but a third teenager has yet to be found as of 8 PM.

A young girl and older female were seen in tears, being comforted by Chicago divers.
Two divers take a break
as their tanks ran out of air.

Divers worked in shifts battling the high waves along the metal break wall at Greenleaf beach for over an hour and a half. On the south side of the break wall the waves were the highest, on the north side the waves weren't as strong.

Hundreds gathered to watch the rescue attempt.

At 10 PM, divers were still searching.

Divers used the Chicago Fire boat to get further out in the lake to search.
Channel 5 reporter covering the story.
After an attempt to be comforted by a friend and Chicago Police,
a distraught female had to be taken away on a stretcher.
All photos by Craig Gernhardt

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Jen C. said...

Very sad story. Prayers go out to the family. Great reporting on this Craig. You continue to provide the Rogers Park community with what they need to know. Thank you for being the eyes and ears of the community and for digging up information and providing us with the 'straight dope'. Much appreciated! My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the missing teen.