Monday, May 21, 2012

Car crashes through storefront on Howard

Afternoon car crash through
building clogs traffic on Howard.
(Rogers Park) A driver crashed his blue four door Dodge Intrepid through a small business at 1540 West Howard, around 5:30 PM this evening.

The event drew spectators on every corner questioning what the driver was thinking. A couple neighbors were arguing over how long the store has even been open.

The green storefront sign above the store had no name. But, according to the city of Chicago business license website, the business is registered to "The Athlete's Foot Store," which received the license from the city on February 29, 2012.

Two of the stores three big windows were broken in the crash - with a lone Devin Hester/Chicago Bears number 23 jersey hanging from a hook above one of the broken windows on Howard.

The storefront, on the North side of Howard, is located on the south side of the world famous Broodmoor building; which WBBM did live radio broadcasts in the mid 1920s.

Fire and Police had the situation under control, blocking Howard from Ashland to Rogers. EMS was on scene to treat one injured person.

A board-up company has been called to the scene to board up the windows like the boarded up windows next door.

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