Tuesday, May 22, 2012

911 caller reports person with gun at Pratt and Ashland

Not the actual fishing hat.
(Rogers Park) - An anonymous 911 caller set the Chicago Police on a wild goose chase May 22, 2012, around 3:15 PM at Pratt and Ashland.

Allegedly a male/black, wearing a fishing hat, was seen with a gun on the corner.

What ensued was a wild chase between the multiple Chicago Police officers and a group of up to four people, who started running from the police, but were finally captured at 1504 West Farwell.

No gun has been recovered from "the guy wearing the fishing hat," but one of the runners the police were chasing was placed in police custody. Including a female, who police needed "a female officer for the search."

The Chicago Police on the street are questioning why the anonymous 911 caller hasn't come out to help identify the person with the alleged gun. Dispatch called the anonymous person back, "who didn't want to speak with the police..." 

BLOGNOTES: Must've been one of those cowardly anonymous Everyblock dot com net-neighbors wasting police resources. They've been known to make things up - or see things that really don't exist. Then claim they know what's going on in the neighborhood. I challenge Everyblock loyalist, Al Iverson, to prove this report isn't true! That's unless he's too busy stuffing his face with another triple bacon double cheese burger.

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