Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another business closed on Howard Street

1540 West Howard on May 23, 2012
(Rogers Park) - On May 21, 2012, a car crashed through a business at 1540 West Howard Street. Everyblock arm-chair net neighbor Darrin questioned how accurate the report was.

Well, Darrin, I do apologize for saying the building next door was boarded up. When, in fact, it was just papered up.

My point was, Howard Street is a total wasteland of economic commerce. Most businesses in the 1500 block of west Howard are long gone.

Boarded up. Gated up. Papered up. Or just plain empty. There is nothing there.

If anyone like Everyblock Helen, Nikki, lil Kim, Ray-Ray, Pookie, Bo-Bo, Pheope, Darrin or Mike says different, they'd be disingenuous.

And, today, one more store is closed. I put together a little photo gallery to prove my point. I challenge anyone on Everyblock dot com to prove to me Howard Street is a great place to live near or shop.

1540 West Howard is closed on May 23, 2012

1540 and 1542 West Howard Street on May 23, 2012

Across the street from 1540 West Howard on May 23, 2012
Man passed out across the street from 1540 West Howard
on May 23, 2012

Across the street from 1540 West Howard on May 23, 2012

Across the street from 1540 West Howard on May 23, 2012

Can you say vacant?

Or, For Lease?

Another vacant property in the 1500 block of west Howard

Empty lot at Howard and Ashland
BLOGNOTES: I could bet my last bottom dollar, with-in the next 48 hours, a half dozen Everyblock net-neighbors are going to tout Howard Street as a wonderful place to shop. Hell, Northwestern University Professor Bill Savage may even give us a raw-raw Rogers Park cheer.

I'd also bet those Everyblock net neighbors are buying stuff on Howard Street the real stores, which aren't boarded, gated, or papered up, don't sell. That must be why the Everyblock dot com net-neighbors love Howard Street so much.

They're totally anonymous and void with the "real world" - when wandering "this Everyblock."


jeffo said...

The curb also isnt painted yellow where the fire hydrant is in that pic with the man on the ground.

Thats a city wide problem though.

North Of Rogers said...

The good news is that the Athlete's Foot is open, and the windows are scheduled to be repaired. It is nice to have a store like this on Howard street. I have already bought 2 pair of shoes from the lovely owners and plan on spending more of my money there. Supporting good business like this is good for RP and Howard st.

jeffo said...

Athletes Foot?
Bad name, Bad chain business, mainly relegated to malls nowadays. Its a boring store, I havent been inside of one of those in atleast 15 years.