Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Twice in one week: Disingenuous mainstream news reporting?

(Rogers Park) - Did our Chicago mainstream newspapers lose their ethics in 2012? Twice in one week now. This is getting ridiculous.

The Chicago Sun-Times must've spent 3 hours hunting valuable information on "Now in Rogers Park" about one person named Anthony Scott this week.

The Chicago Sun-Times ip address was all over my stat-counter this week. You could even tell on the stat-counter when the Chicago Sun-Times downloaded a photograph, of one of the gang shrine signs.

Boo to Frank Main.

BLOGNOTES: In the future I hope these newspaper reporters start reporting where they're getting some information, or I'm going to keep outing these reporters as disingenuous when they do their job.

On the flip side. At least I know my blog is getting read by the researchers, reporters - and dare I say, news journalists, at the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times. I guess that's got to count for something other than another click on the stat-counter numbers.

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jeffo said...

THe way news is nowadays most of the info is gathered on the internet. The newspapers make less money so they have less to invest in investigation into actual facts.

Still doesnt make it right that they are using your site without any acknowledgement.