Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Extra alarm blaze at Greenview and Greenleaf (UPDATE)

An orange glow lights up the
sky at Greenview and Greenleaf.
 (Rogers Park) - At 9:35 p.m., April 10, 2012, and extra alarm fire blaze at the north/west corner of Greenview and Greenleaf, put the neighborhood to a stand-still.

According to Brettley, of the Red Line Tap, "you could smell the smoke at Devon and Broadway," as he was heading to work at Lunt and Glenwood.

This is a 4 story apartment type complex.

Traffic is blocked off from Glenwood to Ashland (1400w-1600w) on the east/west; to Lunt and Touhy (7000n-7200n) to the north/south.

Medical, fire and police personal are on hand to treat the residents who are displaced from this massive fire engulfing the neighborhood.

Two aerial Chicago Fire Department ladders were used in the blaze. One ladder (#21) was stationed on Greenview; and another stationed on Greenleaf.

Flames could be seen shooting 20 feet in the air off the top of the building at one point.

Neighbors were outside with their cell phones, recording the blaze.

A lone silhouette stands atop the orange glow blaze
of a 4 story building at Greenview and Greenleaf.
One man who lives on the first floor is being treated by EMS on scene. One person was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, condition unknown.

An officer was seen helping a child by a police SUV.

Yellow tape is being placed by Police on scene, to keep everyone at a distance from the dense smoke and huge flames.

A CTA bus is set up at Estes and Greenview for residents who have been displaced.

Here are some first look photos I could grab before being pushed back behind the yellow tape line. Sorry these photos not the best. My battery is nearly dead from the CeaseFire photo-shoot this evening.
Fire engulfs the neighborhood
at Greenvoew and Greenleaf on April 10, 2012.

A fire ladder leads the firemen
onto the roof of an extra alarm blaze
in Rogers Park April 10, 2012.
Update - 11:36 p.m: Chicago Tribune/WGN reports the fire started on the rear porch. Residents who live around the area are being let back into the homes and apartments.

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