Friday, March 16, 2012

Person shot on the Northside, near Devon Avenue

(West Ridge) - A person was shot in the head March 16, around 9:50 p.m., at 6354 North Oakley. A 911 "shots fired" call has also been phoned in for 6454 North Claremont.

Witnesses say up to eight male/blacks were seen running from the crime scene. One neighbor in the 6400 of north Oakley said a M/B was trying to get in her back yard.

No weapon has been found. No shooter has been located.  EMS has been called. Devon and Oakley have been blocked off.

Update - 10:13 p.m.: The 19 year old male victim is heading to St. Francis Hospital. One witness is going into the station for questioning. Devon is being opened up to traffic.

Update - 10:34 p.m.: More gunfire in the night. Anonymous 911 caller says, "3-4 shots fired" at 6334 North Francisco.

Update - 10:54 p.m.: Witnesses say two of the alleged offenders were wearing red t-shirts; two were wearing white t-shirts; two were wearing blue t-shirts. Their alleged ages ranged from 13 years old to 18 years old. The shooter had a black colored revolver. Crime scene investigation is on their way to the shooting location.

The victim is in critical condition, according to Chicago News Affairs.


FGFM said...

What the Cappleman!

Anonymous said...

Were these the only shots fired tonite? I was walking my dogs around that time at Clark & Farwell and heard 4 distinct shots. I couldn't have heard them all the way from Devon & Oakley, could I?

Craig Gernhardt said...

No scanner activity for shots fired around Farewll and Clark.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Craig. I must have heard them from far off. I'm terrible at figuring out direction, anyway! By the way, it's nice to have you back. I missed your blog. :-)

jeffo said...

Im glad you are covering RogersPark Beat which includes West Ridge and Rogers Park. The Crime is moving west I see. Good to know where the shootings are occuring. I have seen hoodlums walking around there in the past so it doesnt surprise me.

Craig Gernhardt said...

I'd rather not have started this blog, but the reporting on crime in this neighborhood totally sucks.

Like your reports on gang activity on Morse and Wayne. I say prove it.

On this shooting last night.

The Chicago Tribune tells us it was a person in a vehicle that lured and shot the victim. But 2 hours of scanner and police action on the street says otherwise. I listened and then got on my bike and went down there at 11:00 p.m., to see what was going on. Real time.

Never did the police looking for the shooter mention ANY vehicle involved. A guy in a wheel chair, yes. A vehicle, no.

And Tim Fitz at Chicago News Repot has the victim dead already. Maybe he will be, but no record of that has been sent out by Chicago News Affairs, yet. Why yet? Because anyone who is shot squarely in the face, rarely lives to tell about it.

Anyone who disputes what I reported can request a FOIA on the scanner activity from 9:50 p.m. and mid-night; and see who really covered this story accurately. The Tribune did not.

Littleton Arts Uptown said...

What was up with the wheelchair?