Saturday, March 17, 2012

49th Ward Committeeman Candidate Chalk Bombs Neighborhood

Punch Jim on Tuesday
(Rogers Park) - Seemingly, due to the lack of campaign funds, one of the candidates over-zealous volunteers has resorted to 'chalk bombing' the sidewalks around the Morse Avenue el stop.

This 'chalk bombing' is promoting Jim Ginderskes' candidacy for 49th ward committeeman.

The fist (power to the people sign) and "Punch 203" is very clever. The unknown chalk bomber even spelled his name right. This may work for a few votes, provided it doesn't rain or get washed off by David Fagus and Company. 

We can only wait and see if Fagus sends out a mailer denouncing this sidewalk 'chalk bombing."


abb50 said...

I see you're back at it Craig! What took so long? You've already missed most of the fun of the primary election!

Craig Gernhardt said...

Hi Abb50. I took a year off from blogging. But I'm back now.

I may've missed the first 3 quarters of the primary election game, but I'm here for the 4th quarter. When it counts.

And overtime, if necessary.