Saturday, March 17, 2012

'Negative Loitering' at Morse and Wayne

(Rogers Park) - While there have been hear-say reports on Everyblock by Jeff Olsen about the gangs returning - and hanging on Morse and Wayne - no actual footage has been published of this said activity.

Until now.

Negative vibes by loiterer's at Morse and Wayne
 Hanging out and being negative. On March 17, around 5:51 p.m., a group of "negative loiter's", better known as gangbangers, were doing their dirty, on the south west corner of  Morse and Wayne.

We've been either pretty lucky on this corner, or that building they tore down blocked my view?

Either way, this "negative loitering" has to stop at Morse and Wayne, and I mean quick.

Gang hot-spot or just negative loitering?
Otherwise, we're going to see endless photos of this "negative loitering" at Morse and Wayne on this website for the next 12 months.

Or - until the Mayne Stage/Act One builds the new building annex high enough I can't see this 'negative loitering' anymore.

Or - until it goes away.

Farewell and Glenwood is far enough to make me happy.


jeffo said...

THanks for posting this craig.
Proof Positive that I am not insane.

jeffo said...

I like the wide angle shot.
Very nice camera work Craig.

Craig Gernhardt said...

What? You didn't notice. I gave you a two-fer.

That car in the photo was parked in the bus zone, too.

jeffo said...

Oh thanks Craig :), yes Multiple Violations. You captured alot in that photo. Yeah car parked in Bus Zone is associated with gang loitering and it sets up the scene for EVEN MORE bad stuff.

Littleton Arts Uptown said...

You guys are dorks. har har!

...whatever said...

I'm by the college and they chase them away during the school year. But they still let incense boy set up shop.
Last summer a clean-shaven, showered kid with $200 Nikes prowled the neighborhood eight-nine hours a day stalking my neighbors at the front door or at McDonald's Express, or at Starbucks tellling people he was homeless. One day he had on brand new red shorts. He'd chase people out of stores and such.
Some dumb redhead from "O.N.E." yelled at me for wanting him arrested for aggressive panhandling and said "Everybody has a right to panhandle in any neighborhood". Panhandling and loitering, even if it's somebody just smoking a cig on the curb, cheapens the neighborhood. If you've got someplace to be other than in our face, then be there.

...whatever said...

One guy strutted and jived coming off the Red Line pushing a wheelchair, promptly unfolds it, put a blanket on his legs and was waving some kind of cheap flyers around CVS three days in a row. Guy had a poor kitten stuffed in his jacket, too the last time I saw him. This is the kind of crap behavior that Chicago laws need to prohibit.

Kevin said...

When has standing on a sidewalk ever been considered gang activity- particularly a sidewalk where more than one bus stops?