Monday, March 19, 2012

Neighbors claim "shots fired" at Jarvis and Paulina

(Rogers Park) - While unconfirned by Chicago Police, neighbors on Everyblock reported hearing up to 5 "shots fired" last night shorthly before midnight.

Said Legal Diva: "I was sitting in bed, getting ready to sleep, reading a magazine, and there goes five gunshots...."

Said Shav21: "I wish these scumbags would just move and not be our problem...."

Said Catherine 537: "There is no way on God's green earth I would raise childen in Rogers Park..."

Said newbie EB'er, Bruce: "Shav and Lega, welcome to the neighborhood...."

In other weekend news. One neighbor, we'll call her "C", said the neighborhood kids wanted to "throw rocks at the white lady...." I'm suprised Bruce didn't welcome her to the neighborhood, too.

Bruce also found a chicken in his backyard - which many neighbors cared more about than the "gun shots" and the shooting victim, who was shot in the face Friday night.

As Bruce says, "Welcome to the neighborhood...."

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