Monday, March 19, 2012

Neighbors calls 911 on man taking photos of flowers

(Rogers Park) - A male in a red shirt was taking photographs of flowers this morning around 8:55 a.m., when a nosey neighbor called 911 and claimed the man was taking pictures of "young kids in Pottawattomie Park."

The incident happened near Rogers and Hoyne, where officers tracked the man down and looked through his camera, only to find photographs of "pretty flowers."

The man was released with his camera full of pretty flower photos.


jeffo said...

Hey who knows whats going on. Someone is always going to have an excuse no matter what. Better to question suspicious behavior that be apathetic. But hey people have a reason to be a bit jumpy.

Lets just make sure that REALLY bad stuff is called in as well.

If I am in doubt I keep an eye on the situation. I never want to just call in something if it is unwarranted

jeffo said...

Nice photo of the day. Did you take that photo and when? Thanks
fellow neighbor