Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Republican Presidential race shows signs of life in Rogers Park

20th precinct for Santorum?
(Rogers Park) - Not known as a Republican stronghold, Rogers Park voters usually hold anyone who runs on the Republican ticket as someone evil.

So, this morning, it was a shock to see a few signs for Rick Santorum in front of a few precincts.

Last election cycle for President in 2008, 761 votes were cast in the republican primary for the 49th ward. The lowest among any north-side ward, by far.

The person putting the sign in the ground was lucky someone from Team Fagus didn't tar-and-feather them.

Who else is running on the republican ticket in Rogers Park? Kurt Fujio, running for 49th Ward Republican Committeeman. Suzanne Devane is also running for 49th Ward Republican Committeeman.

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