Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ginderske: "We're going to win"

(Rogers Park) - First thing Jim Ginderske noticed when he arrived at precinct 25 at 1230 West Loyola Avenue this morning at 5:57 a.m., was I was waiting for him.

Although he arrogantly asked, "Who are you?", when I asked for some time.

Jim Ginderske "chalk bombs" his message
to voters in front of Loyola Fieldhouse.

Photo by Craig Gernhardt
The second thing Jim noticed was no blue cones marking off the campaigning by candidates to the precinct.

This is one of the reason's Jim is in the race. He says he's for a fair and accountable ward operations when it comes to electing our public officals. He doesn't believe the current operation under David Fagus does that.

Ginderske has an uphill battle today, being very undefunded, yet when asked, he was confident he was going to be the victor at the end of the day.

"We're going to win," said Ginderske, as he was directing a couple of volunteers to their various locations in the ward.

Claiming to have no Occupy Chicago members as helpers today, Jim still said he had "enough volunteers to cover every precinct - except #2," the high-rise on Sheridan Road, near Rosemont and the lake.

Ginderske doesn't have the resourses to have signage at the pricincts. He feels "chalk bombing" his vote number with name on the sidewalk is more effective - citing the political signage gets lost in the mass of the 49th ward party signs put up earlier in the morning for judges and candidates Dave Faguses organization picked to support this election cycle.

Ginderske and his team were able to secure 1300 signatures to get on the ballot in 3 days. Let's see if they can earn enough votes to back up his bold claim of victory today.


abb50 said...

The committeeman has nothing to do with putting up cones. That's up to the election judges.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Abb50. It is one of the jobs of committeemen is to find qualified judges who know what to do on election day; such as get the cones in place before the start of outside electioneering in front of precincts.