Tuesday, March 20, 2012

49th Ward Republican Committeeman race has campaign signs

Republicans' are making themselves
seen in the 49th ward
(Rogers Park) - It's not just Rick Santorum. Another GOP'er has surfaced in the land of tree-huggers along the lakefront. 

Suzanne Devane, one of the candidates for 49th Ward Republican Committeeman, or woman shall I say, has shown an effort to possibly attract some voters.

She has signage. 

Her strong area for signage is precinct's #5, #9, 16 and 36; around Greenview, Chase, Fargo, Birchwood - and also Lakewood, Pratt, North Shore, Albion and Columbia. 

Devane also has many signs north of Howard.

Robert Shearer is the current 49th ward Republican committeeman, who won in 2008 with over 56% of the vote. He's not in the race this year.

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