Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kelly Cassidy victorious in her first real campaign

(Rogers Park) - We all know by now Kelly Cassidy was anointed by the powers-that-be. We all know by now if you read the gay press, she is also gay.

If you read the gay press, you'll know her opponent, Paula Basta,  is gay, too. For some reason, that's all that mattered to the gay press.

Resident's in the 14th district saw all through that on March 20. They voted who was the best person to represent them.

After all, politics is local. Not gay or straight. We in Rogers Park just want someone to represent us fairly - with our values in mind.

Which one of the biggest issues is crime and gun control.

So, tonight, with 79% of the precincts counted, Now in Rogers Park is declaring State Rep. Kelly Cassidy as the winner of the 2012 Democratic primary with over 62% of the vote.

BLOGNOTE: We've chosen a very good representative as our voice in Springfield. Not because she is gay, it's because she knows how to do her job. Wonder how the gay press will spin this? I'm guessing they'll lead the story - letting the public know she is gay.

Back that up a second. Being politically correct as the gay media is these days, they'll call her the "L" letter of the alphabet, instead.

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