Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Local websites welcome 'Now in Rogers Park' to the neighborhood

(Rogers Park) - My stat-counter went through the roof last night. Seems we got a lovefest going on. I woke up this morning to a great welcome to the neighborhood by one of our community leaders, Michael Glasser, who also publishes Rogers Park dot com.

Thank you very much for the write-up, Mike. I appreciate the fact neighbors like you see what hard work it is to run a neighborhood website. That means a lot.

I also got a wonderful plug from Tim, who runs the crime blog, Chicago News Report. Tim isn't a big plugger when it comes to other news sites, so it was a huge surprise to get his attention.

Thanks, Tim. I hardly doubt I can keep up with your 24/7 reporting, coving multiple neighborhoods at once, but I'll try.


Chicago News Report said...

Missed your online presence. Glad you're back in the saddle!

loulou said...

When I first clicked a link to your site I thought it was named "no win rogers park"