Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend round-up (Update)

(Rogers Park) - While 30 or so neighbors were doing their annual  "Clean-&-Green" thing with the local politicians in the neighborhood this morning, an anonymous 911 caller called in a "shots fired" at 2041 West Birchwood at 11:39 a.m., April 21, 2012.

Police arrived on scene and questioned those in the area. One witness heard "two loud booms," but that was it. A "slow down" was given by the police officer who arrived on the scene first.

Other neighborhood 911 issues were revolved around the Howard Street area, where numerous "negative loitering" calls were being issued April 21. There were gang dispersal, drug dispersal and violence dispersal police codes given out left and right - to officers who asked for their "event numbers."

Dispatch even asked the police over the air to "go into stealth mode," at 1:21 p.m.

Not sure what's going down North of Howard, but it sure isn't some wild Turkey on the loose for our Everyblock net-neighbors to gobble about.

Update: 2:32 p.m: A group of males are beating the shit out of a single person at 7616 North Marshfield. A mother of the kid who's "getting the shit kicked out of him" is calling 911.

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Amber said...

I was at the dog park at Pottawatomie Park at the time of the shots. There was a couple with their dog and another woman with hers. After we heard the first one, we asked each other what it was. One of the women thought it sounded like a rifle (it was so loud). The second one came about 3-4 minutes later.