Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Early voting this week for 49th Ward Participatory Budget

Early voting at the Alderman's office
(Rogers Park) -  It's been called "menu money" - "discretionary funds" - "The Alderman's personal project fund."

But in Rogers Park, aka, the 49th Ward, it's called the "Participatory Budget," where residents have the final say in how the money doled out to the Alderman of each ward every year, is spent.

All this week, April 23 to April 27, 2012, residents of the 49th ward are able to stop by Alderman Joe Moore's office at 7356 North Greenview, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., to vote on up to 6 of 21 projects for this years annual "Participatory Budget" of around a million dollars.

Along with the early voting at the Alderman's office, a traveling voting booth was seen at the Morse Avenue el stop April 24.

It all winds up on Saturday, April 28, where 49th ward residents can vote at Chicago Math and Science Academy, located at 7212 North Clark Street, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

The ballot itself looks like a menu. It's broken down into various categories, such as Parks & Environment, Arts and Innovation, Transportation, Traffic & Public Safety, along with the street repaving category.

Each category has various projects with a description and dollar value attached.

Just like elections, there's gotta be
campaign signs on the lawns.
Some of the projects coming up for vote in 2012 are:
*New residential street lighting on the east side of Glenwood, from Lunt to Touhy - $128.000
*New playground at Touhy Park - $125,000
*Pottawattomie Park Water Feature - $75,000
*Shared bike lane on Clark from Howard to Wallen - $60,000
*Leone Beach Path Extension - $42,000
*Improve pedestrian safety at the Howard Red Line Transportation Center - $17,000

Or residents voting can mark a box to have all or a portion the money spent having ward streets repaved. A committee has been put together to decide which streets are in the most urgent need.

Staff assistant for the Participatory Budget, Cecilia Salinas, said, "a number of the groups and organizations with projects on this years budget will be on hand outside lobbying for their cause, with a single representative inside explaining the scope of the projects."

The front and back side of the ballot contains a great bit of history about the process and what happens if there is some conflict between other projects that may come up, along with all the voting instructions.

Ballot boxes must be clearly marked with a blue or black ink pen, using an "X" or check mark, or even shading the box totally for the projects voters care to support.

No pencil or magic ink pens are allowed.

BLOGNOTES: For more history and information on the 49th Ward Participatory Budget click here or call 773-338-5796.

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Clark St. said...

This should be fun.
Will Moore repeat his blatant vote buying by wasting around $80,000 out of the menu money for all the parking spaces at Loyola Park on free overnight parking for those people on Sheridan south of the park?
Or, since there's no election for 3 years, will he ignore them?