Thursday, April 26, 2012

Streetscape trees vandalized on Glenwood

Vandals damaged nearly
a dozen trees overnight.
(Rogers Park) - On April 26, a net-neighbor on EB who calls himself "Hawk Eye Steve," reportedly noticed 11 Morse Avenue Streetscape trees had been damaged by vandals in the overnight hours along the west-side of the 6900 block of North Glenwood - in front of the Glenwood Bar at 6962 North Glenwood.

"Hawk Eye Steve" went on to explain how he himself decided to remove the broken branches off the streetscape trees. While "Hawk Eye Steve's" intentions may have been all well and good, the way he went about it is all wrong.

As I went to inspect the trees this morning, as I did when the City of Chicago/RPBA/Alderman's office did the "official project sign-off walk-through" about year ago, I notice "Hawk Eye Steve" must've used some dull saw to cut through a few of the broken branches, further damaging a few of the trees.

If "Hawk Eye Steve" wants to hack away on trees that's on his own property, I'm all good with that. But not the streetscape trees. Trees that cost the tax-payers lots of money. That's what the professionals at the Dept. of Forestry are for.

You think if "Hawk Eye Steve" knew these trees cost the tax-payers upwards to a couple thousand dollars a piece, he'd be hacking away with a butter knife on them?

What did the camera see?
What did the camera see?

With any luck the Rogers Park Business Alliance and the Glenwood Bar will work together to see if the security camera mounted above - and pointed at a few of these trees, will reveal who the tree vandal is.

What needs to be done is find out who did this expensive damage to the streetscape trees and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

And if one of these trees that "Hawk Eye Steve" hacked into, dies, he should be on the hook for some of the cost, too.


jeffo said...

Thanks for covering this as well Craig. I understand that controversy is good for Blogs. :)
I think Steve wouldnt do further harm to the trees. Thanks for the additional pics.

Not good though. Weirdo Vandals.

Craig Gernhardt said...

No controversy about it.

You and Steve doing your personal vigilante thing - and patting yourselves on the back for it on Everyblock, are as bad as the thugs who fuck up this neighborhood.

It's no wonder I banned you on the "Broken Heart".

You're part of the problem. Not solution.

This will be your last comment here. Go back to EB.

Good day, sir.

Craig Gernhardt said...

ps: Seeing I get the last word. Jeff Olsen, when 15 people "mute" you on EB, which must be some sort of record because Alderman Moore is only muted once, you know you've got an internet troll problem.

Seek help.