Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sign shows progress in Gerber/Hart moving to Rogers Park

A banner now hangs
inside the new gay Library
on North Clark Street.
(Rogers Park) -  On March 24, we first reported Gerber/Hart Library was moving to 6500 North Clark, but questioned why no permits were in place, nor work being done.

Today, we can report progress on one front. Gerber/Hart has put up a "Future Home" banner above the door.

There still isn't any current city construction permit's for work to be done - nor has there been any progress to report on the actual construction and build side of making a world-class Library - a Library that holds Chicagoland's gay history literature and LGBT archival memorabilia accumulated over the past four decades - from various donors, a reality by May 1; other than a plastic banner was placed above the doorway.

Time will tell, as by the end of the month Gerber/Hart will be forced to move somewhere. Brad Tucker, the former President of Gerber/Hart, mentioned in the comments section here, before he deleted it, there is a contingency in place, shall the Library not be ready in time; but didn't explain any further.

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Clark St. said...

BTW, there's only a freight elevator to the second floor.
That requires an operator.
It's the type where the doors are split horizontally, with the bottom half lowering to the floor, etc.
Are they going to replace that with an automatic passenger elevator?