Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Morse Avenue enjoys beefed up Police patrols

(Rogers Park) - Since the two shootings on Morse Avenue on March 31 and April 1, Chicago Police have thoroughly patrolled CAPS Beat 2431, not only in search of the gun-men involved, but to show the neighbors and businesses who are on edge, they're doing their job.

I have witnessed two bike patrol officers around the Morse el, a beat officer walking Morse, undercover tac teams, and much more visible marked squad cars patrolling the streets - and alley ways.

I have seen the beat officer walk Morse before, don't get me wrong; but I've rarely seen the officer stand on the corner of Morse and Glenwood just like the "negative loiterers" do.

Foot and bike patrol officers sure have an impact on Morse Avenue. This is the type of neighborhood police patrolling that Morse Avenue needs.

The first two days of the week have been very pleasant on Morse - virtually crime free.  I hope it stays like this for longer than a couple of weeks.


jeffo said...

Good. I saw the usual suspects running around last night. They tend to run nowadays. They are always coming up with some strange new plan of operations. Always interesting to see what the new gambit will be.

jeffo said...

And I saw a narc suv in the area. Its a good area to have a narc suv.