Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shots fired near Devon and Troy

(West Ridge) - Another round of gun shots have been reported, April 5, around 10:57 p.m., at Devon, near Troy. Officers are involved in a foot-chase at the moment through the neighborhood.

Now multiple 911 callers are calling with multiple locations of shots fired. One caller said up to 4 shots were fired.

Around the same time and same location, one person was held up, allegedly a pistol was displayed. A cell phone and a wallet was taken.

Offenders dropped a cell phone and wallet while fleeing at 6454 North Troy.

Police are looking for a male hispanic weighing around 160lbs, wearing a black mask, black jacket and had a black gun.

BLOGNOTES: Some bad information on Everyblock regarding comments made tonight by "Closetogangsinrogerspark" keep getting called into police by anonymous neighbors regarding the homicide of James Brown this afternoon. Every-time they get the call (twice now) results turn up empty at Willie White Park and Farwell and Ashland.

No one is up at Willie White Park drinking and laughing about the murder. No one is at Farwell and Ashland drinking and plotting revenge.

Neighbors, stop wasting police manpower with bad information from an anonymous source, on what's turning out to be an incredibly untrustworthy gossip website these days.

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