Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Shots fired" in the 7300 block of North Rogers (Update)

(Rogers Park) - A 10-1 has been called in to Pottawatomie Park, 7340 North Rogers, as many reports of 3 to 6 shots fired, around 5:39 p.m., on April 11, 2012.

An off-duty officer was on scene and witnessed the shooting.

Police are looking for a dark green 1999 Ford Explorer, with a male hispanic, dark hoodie. The SUV should be in the area of Clark and Ridge. Yet, police aren't taking chances, they are also checking Clark and Wallen for the vehicle in question.

The offender they are looking for has an alleged 9 mm pistol. No victims at this time. They've got the vehicles plates and address of the owner of the car.

Update - 6:48 p.m: They've got the alleged vehicle and offender pulled over at Foster and Damen.

Update - 7:22 p.m: Police say the right vehicle was stopped, but the off-duty police officer couldn't correctly id the shooter. That's how tough it is to get a positive id of a possible crime subject. Even a police officer, who's trained to do this line of work, had trouble with a description.


jeffo said...

Good. THat would be great if they actually caught the perp.

Amber said...

This is precisely when we walk our dog to the dog park. We decided against it today before hearing of this. Thank goodness