Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Exclusive Report: Inside ground zero - The fire at 7054 North Greenview Apt. 3-N

(Rogers Park) - No where else will you find this information of this caliber. Sure, you could go to Everyblock and listen to neighbors say the fire was at Glenwood and Greenleaf.

But if you read them, you'd be steered in the wrong direction. Tomorrow, I'll take you inside "Ground Zero" of the fire on Greenview. Not Glenwood.

7054 North Greenview, 3-N. I'll show you photographs of where the fire happened on April 10, 2012.

Forget about reading all the puff-pieces on the internet like Everyblock dot com.. Adjust your satellite dishes.

Charred wood chips on the back steps
My photographs will take you where only the insurance adjusters have gone. Not across the street from ground level.

You'll get a look at this fire from an angle no other reporter has examined. I'm guessing because they're afraid to get a little dirty. Not me.

Ground Zero - 7054 North Greenview - 3N

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