Saturday, April 7, 2012

Two people shot near Howard and Sheridan

Crime tape protects evidence markers
on Sheridan and Birchwood.
(Rogers Park) - 911 callers are flooding the center with 'shots fired' calls around Howard and Sheridan, April 7, at 9:06 p.m.

Update - 9:08 p.m: Now were getting two people shot in the 7300 block of North Sheridan, one in front of a nursing home.

One person shot in the back. One person shot in the foot. Shots came from the north of the location where the victims are.

Update - 9:12 p.m: One victim is mid-twenties. EMS is taking one to the hospital on a stretcher.

Update - 9:14 p.m: Two groups of male/blacks were shooting at each other, according to one witness who's talking with police. One group had a dog with them.

Update - 9:17 p.m: Crime scene started at 7464 North Sheridan, according to the police.

Update - 9:22 p.m: Arrived at the crime scene. What a mess.

Update - 9:29 p.m: Detectives are searching neighbors front yards with flashlights, checking the grass and bushes, as the neighbors are outside asking questions like, "Why?"

Update - 9:40 p.m: The crime scene runs from Howard and Sheridan to Sherwin and Sheridan. Detectives are canvassing the entire area. A couple guns were allegedly found in the alley dumpster according to a witness I talked with. Crowds are gathering across the street.

Update - 9:48 p.m: Looks as if there are two crime scenes. One nursing home at Sherwin and Sheridan and one at Birchwood and Sheridan. The Shewin Manor Nursing Home, 7350 North Sheridan, has crime tape on the stair entrance.
Chicago Tribune report - April 8, 2012"Two men were shot on the 7400 block of North Sheridan Road in Rogers Park, police said. Both of the men were standing on the street when they were shot and taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston with gunshot wounds, police said. One man, 31, was shot in the foot and the other, 25, was shot in the back."


jeffo said...

Not the first time there has been violence around there this year. Check out this video.

jeffo said...

The Broken Heart of Rogers Park archives include the comments section as well right?

Just Checking, many many interesting comments, some from yours truly (me)

Craig Gernhardt said...

Dear Craig,
I know Im a broken record, and you are going to get really sick of me. BUT, what about the kitty litter gravel of crap pile in front of 'my quiet place?'

Yeah, Jeff, I got everything you ever wrote.

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And a bunch of shit I deleted. Still got that crap, too.

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Yeah thats before I decided to take matters into my own hands with community problems. Wow. Blast from the Past!!!! :)