Sunday, April 8, 2012

Positive loiterers try to make things better, but getting no real support from the community

(Rogers Park) - On April 7, at 10:00 p.m., a group of about 30 residents met at Morse & Ashland for an evening walk around the neighborhood. Flanked by CeaseFire and the Chicago Police, the group march east on Morse to Wayne. There were couples, there were singles. Some walked with dogs, some carried flashlights.

Hat tip to all those who did show up.

The big question is why so little people cared to join in the symbolic march for peace in the community?

30 people and a couple dogs is nothing.

Was it the fact that the positive loiterers were on the down low - and no one knew?

I find that hard to believe seeing it was mentioned a few times on Everyblock by a bunch of concerned net-neighbors.

Plus, the Alderman had it posted on his webpage and posted it on Everyblock for all those so-called neighbors to see.

I know a quite a few of the commenters on Everyblock didn't show up. A few did. But what about the others? We're they too busy hiding safely behind their computer monitor, complaining what we should do about the crime in the neighborhood? Judging from some of the time-stamps from those commenters in question on the Everyblock site this morning, apparently they were. They were busy fixing the community from their armchair.

Like I said, big props to the small group of 30 who did show up. I know those 30 are trying to make a difference. Maybe the rest of the armchair quarterbacks on Everyblock will join in after the next person is shot and killed? But I highly doubt it.


cump said...


What do you feel is the most effective way for people to organize and make a difference in the battle against gang and drug related violence in Rogers Park?

Craig Gernhardt said...

The most effective way would be by orgainizing the parents of these gang members being positively active in their kids life's.

From start to finish.

Origanize these parents to teach their kids right and wrong. To make sure they're kids are doing the right thing.

Sure, there are some cases of a person from a good home going bad, who was from a good family but went the wrong way.

But those cases are rare - compared to the fact most of these gang members are better off fighting for themselves on the streets, and with their street crew, rather than dealing with the crap they feel they're having to deal with at home, with their parents.

Parents fighting, parents drinking, parents beating each other up when and after they're drinking.

Parents beating the kids up when they're tired of beating each other up after drinking.

Long story short. If these kids had parents who cared - and spent the time caring about them like they should be, they wouldn't be shooting the hell out of each other every other day.

Come on parents, raise your kids right, or stop having kids.

PhoebeK10 said...

imo, you're perspective is skewed, Craig. According to the organizer, 37 concerned neighbors turned out at 10 pm on a chilly Saturday night for the positive loitering event. That's a GREAT turnout! I've participated with as few as 5 or 6 people.

Personally, I think getting almost 40 people together on a weekend evening shows lots of support for the community. It's not a march; it's a positive loitering event. Thanks to everyone who turned out for helping to keep Rogers Park safe.

tayiah said...

Everyone knows its a complete waste of time. This is akin to some of the marches, parades, and corner take backing that is done on the south side. If none of these things have worked on the south side, we know they won't work on the north side. What will work are sricter welfare policies that don't promote the over breeding of low income uneducated women who don't have the emotional, finacial, or maturity level to support a child. Walk through this area and other low income areas on the south side its very common to see all these young school age females either pregnant or with their young children. Liberals refuse to accept this and try to come up with ways of getting around this fact like more cops, positive littering, etc.

I think these people just need to do this for themselves so they can feel less helpless and feel empowered.

Craig Gernhardt said...

@ PhoebeK10, I was there. Where were you?

Oh, never-mind? You must've been too busy making stupid comments on the internet.

Go back to Everyblock. You and your EB buddies do better bitching about things of real value in the community.

Like finding lost chickens homes.

PhoebeK10 said...

Well, I guess if sharing my opinion on your blog means getting berated and ridiculed, you don't have anything to worry about from me ever darkening your cyber doorstep again.

Rude much?

.... said...

Everyblockers have a lot in common with Chicago's other prominent fruitcakes, Yelp Talkers. I especially enjoy the bit where they pretend to be happy, socially successfully people but they are patrolling the forum at least 18 hours a day ready to jump down somebody's throat. Puh-leeeze.