Saturday, April 14, 2012

One mom pleads guilty sons innocence's, One mom pleads dead son's innocence's

If you subscribed to the "Broken Heart," you'd be able to read about the mother of James Brown pleading to the public on the BHRP, to believe her child wasn't in a gang. This was back in the summer of 2009, when James Brown got arrested for shooting a 9-year old kid on Pratt Blvd.

A crime he was found guilty of and served less than two years of a five year sentence.

Here's a sample of the dozens of comments "Mom" made, claiming her son was a choirboy and upstanding member of our society.
Songia Brown said...  To the person who wants to know if my son is a king, (Latin King) no and he belongs to no gang he hangs with friends who may be an affiliate and I know this doesn't look good because guilty by association, I know but I am not going to lie about anything because I don't see the point in that. He has no gang signs on his body nor has anyone proved him to be an affiliate of any gang but yes he will fight if he has to I mean he is a man and men have to defend themselves. Another important thing my son has never been in jail or prison until now and I can surely prove that. Trust me when all the facts come out the truth will be seen and you all that had doubts will see and you will probably say sorry and I will say see I told you so but the messed up thing is that until that time comes my son sits in the county jail scared as hell!
Day's later, Mom apologized to the "Broken Heart" for being wrong. Three years later, Mom was mourning her son's death due to gang violence.

How many more son's are going to put mother's through this - before it ends? Seems not soon enough.

BLOGNOTES:  Anthony Scott's mom is claiming the same thing about her son on "Now in Rogers Park," this week.

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