Friday, April 13, 2012

"Mother Nature" vandalizes bird statue

Bird Statue in Touhy Park was knocked over
this week by Mother Nature.
(Rogers Park) - On Monday, April 9, 2012, the bird statue located in front of the Touhy Park field-house, got knocked over. Not by human vandals as some gossip sites like Everyblock have mentioned - but by "Mother Nature."

Seems the winds were blowing real hard that day, and the Touhy Park field-house supervisor witnessed first hand the damage the winds of "Mother Nature" caused.

"It just swayed and swayed in the breeze, until it couldn't sway anymore," said the eyewitness to "Mother Natures" fury.

"It just toppled over..."

Wind speeds reached 34.5 miles per hour from the west/northwest that day in Chicago, according to the National Weather Service.

The bird statue stands about 3 feet tall, is 10 inches thick, and 2 feet wide. It's made of a fiberglass and concrete type material. The artist of the bird statue is unknown.

The base of the bird statue was previously cracked, according the field supervisor on duty, April 13, 2012. This also could've effected the structure of the overall statue's demise - the day "Mother Nature" took out her anger on the innocent bird statue in the park.

The bird statue sits in a flower planter directly in front of the entrance of the field-house. The supervisor and the Park District are looking to find a way to secure it better the next time "Mother Nature" comes calling.

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