Thursday, April 19, 2012

Loyola shuts down Kenmore

Kenmore closed to traffic
 from Rosemont to Sheridan
(Rogers Park) - If you ever bike to the city and use the designated city bike paths, you know the best route coming home from the Hollywood bike path is traveling up North Kenmore.

When you take Sheridan or Broadway, you're likely to get hit by a car. If you ride on the sidewalk, you're likely to get a ticket and your bike impounded.

So, it's not only the best path heading to Rogers Park from downtown, it's the official bike path.

So, much to bicycle commuters dismay, Kenmore has been closed recently from Rosemont to Sheridan, due to Loyola University campus construction.

Loyola is also thinking of keeping North Kenmore closed to cars, (and possibly bikes), forever, if they have it their way, according to Jennifer Clark.

I guess there won't be any public meetings regarding this permanent street closure? Nor would I hold my breathe our taxes will go down - since there will be one less street in the city to fund.

One can only wait until Loyola decides they want to close Winthrop and the east/west part of Sheridan, too. After all, when you're the 800 pound gorilla in the neighborhood, you can do whatever you want.


jeffo said...

If this makes the area more like University of Chicago and Hyde Park how is that a bad thing?

Good for Loyola. I like this idea.

North Of Rogers said...

Not good for bicyclists! I am an alum, but also a cyclist, I am very against this and cannot figure out how this is legal???