Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bogus "Public Notice" fliers posted North of Howard

Not so official flier found North of Howard
(Rogers Park) - This is some serious stuff going down. Someone has it out for AIMCO and North Point Management. And I mean, REALLY has it out for North Point Management.

Some anonymous person went as far as to impersonate a public office, using the official state seal, to spread a vicious message to the community.

On April 18, 2012, red and yellow fliers were found posted a few properties around the north of Howard area. The area where most of the fliering was done was in the 7600 block of North Paulina. These so-called "Public Notice" fliers have an official State of Illinois Department of Community Relations headline, along with the official state seal affixed to the top of the flier.

But, I can tell you, they're not really official.

To start off, the so-called official flier has "Rogers Park" spelled "Rodgers Park." You never say "Rodgers Park." That's all wrong in so many ways.

Along with numerous spelling errors, the flier out's 9 residents for crimes they may or may not have committed, ranging from prostitution to selling drugs in front of a school.

Now, Don Gordon, who ran for Alderman in 2007, has publicly advocated such measures on Everyblock, like 'outing' bad building owners, I highly doubt Gordon was running around in his yellow jogging shorts last night, attaching these fliers to buildings, 'outing' the residents.

Plus, I'm pretty sure Don Gordon knows how to spell Rogers Park.

Like I said, someone, kinda like an anonymous poster on the internet, really has it out for North Point. And if any of these people posted on the flier is/are innocent, someone could be served with a lawsuit, if they find out who Mr./Ms. "Anonymous Flier" is.

Not to mention impersonating a public office.


Clark St. said...

Craig, official government documents often have spelling errors. I was in the state building downtown last year & there were official notices posted at every door of the second floor conference rooms with several common words misspelled.
No one noticed them.
The most egregious was the spelling of "Illinios"!

Craig Gernhardt said...

I called State Rep. Cassidy's office and they know nothing about this department, nor the fliers.

Plus, if they're official, they should have a contact number and name on the flier, according to Cassidy's office.

No such number can be found.

I checked the names of the alleged offenders on the flier and found none are or have recently been in the Cook County jail system, either.

jeffo said...

Department of Community Relations.
Does that exist? Funny Name.

it does exist.

.... said...

I rented from AIMCO in another state and they moved in a buttload of Katrina refugees, forevermore the apartment complex was an unbearable warzone.