Friday, April 6, 2012

Jesus whipped and beaten before Crucifixion on Paulina and Lunt

(Rogers Park) - Every year on Good Friday, St. Jerome Church puts on one of the most realistic reenactments of Jesus Christ carrying his cross before his crucifixion you'll ever find. 

Yeah, right here in good ole' Rogers Park.

Hundreds follow behind chanting and singing hymns as parishioners portray the violent scenes of human suffering Jesus took, being beaten in public - while orally being taunted. 

See, back when, when Jesus was really around, they didn't carry around 9 mm pistols so they could randomly shoot at one another out the window of a moving vehicle in broad daylight.

Adding to the authenticity of past and modern day, all the police and religious leaders do is look on and watch the beating happen - without remorse. 

Here's a photo essay of today's event that ran south on Paulina to the Church on Lunt. 

Fair Warning: If you're not into bondage, pain, suffering and humiliation, click away now!

Oh, by the way, you need a permit from the city for this activity. This is what Jesus endured to save our souls.

BLOGNOTES: If you'd like a copy of one of these photos for use, email me. There's lot's more. I'm sure the neighbors on Everyblock are saying they think Jesus got shot by a guy on a horse with all the commotion and police presence going on in the area. You can send it to them to show them what really happened.

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Fred Gernhardt said...


Thanks Craig for answering my question 1t is good to know.

Hope to see you this June 14 at Audra Kick wedding.

I really miss you Dad and my Dad
I meet them both when I was only 7 years old

since my Dad Fred and Mom Helen divorced when
I was only one year old and he never visit me or her
after they did divorced.

Happy Easter Time 2013

The Lord God Jesus Christ
God Almighty Bless and Keep You.

Here is one of my son's Easter Sermons (Rick Gernhardt)
He is a very good talker- speaker and very knowledge .
He hates no one ... he only loves people as I do !!!

He is a Pastor in Tallahassee, Florida.

I plan to move to Tallahassee, Florida this year to be with
family. It is always great to be near to the people
you love especially
you children , family and friends ....

That is what really HEAVEN is about according to
God's Bible!!!