Saturday, April 7, 2012

James Brown homicide shrine removed

Homicide shrine for James Brown removed overnight
in the 6800 block of North Ashland
(Rogers Park) - On April 6, a teddy bear and small note marked the spot where James Brown was gunned down in broad daylight, at 6822 North Ashland.

Over the years of monitoring these street shrines, as time passes, the memorial grows.

I've never seen one shrink so quickly. Especially overnight.

On April 7, the only thing you could find at the shrine location was a single magic marker hanging from a string attached to the fence; a few empty beer cans; a few blue balloons lying in the gutter - and some blue colored streamers that are still wrapped around a tree in the parkway.

Everything else was removed. Either the street shriners changed there MO? Or a 'positive loiterer', the police or landlord to the building removed them?

Lone marker hangs
from the fence.
Whoever did this street shrine removal is really changing how things are done. This just isn't normal.

BLOGNOTES: Tonight there is a 'Positive Loitering' walk taking place. Ald. Joe Moore and the commander of the 24th district are endorsing this event. If you'd like to join other neighbors in a holistic community walk through the neighborhood, email John at the address below. He'll give you the time and location everyone is meeting.

I've joined in on a couple of the walks this year, and can tell you, John cares about the community. He has a plan to make it better. Like I said, email him to find out more.

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