Thursday, April 5, 2012

Anonymous person on Everyblock internet fights another Everyblock neighbor

Anonymous neighbors make stink
on neighborhood chat site

Talk about dissing someone.  We got a internet brawl on our hands. 
"Rogers Park Neighbor" wrote on Everyblock, chewing out another Everyblock neighbor:  Here's what went down between the two.
Hey Jeff, does it feel good to bully and shout down people who don't agree with you? 

You love Rogers Park. Congratulations. We get it.

 But there are a hell of a lot of us who don't feel safe here anymore, and we've got every flipping right to express that in a community forum. If YOU don't like people's opinions about your neighborhood, YOU can feel free to "just leave" this message board. Some people need to vent, and we don't need you telling us to shut up or ship out.

I bought a condo on Ashland between Morse and Farwell in 2006. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed with the direction things have gone. And not just because my property value has plummeted 30-percent. 
I'm disappointed because since last August, I've heard gun shots out my window more than a dozen times. That includes the two kids shot on the corner of Pratt and Ashland, the kid shot on the corner of Morse and Ashland on Halloween, and today, when I heard the shots on Ashland and arrived at my window just in time to see the silver Grand Prix drive away, and another black man laying on the sidewalk (apparently now dead).

I'm disappointed because there are young, stupid, desperate kids out there shooting each other, with no respect for me or any of my other neighbors. I'm disappointed because for all the positive loitering and police meetings and being a willing witness on criminal reports, this JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE.
That's my feeling today: despair. Because I happened to be in my living room at 2 p.m. in the broad as hell daylight and a guy was murdered in a drive-by thirty yards from my front door. So excuse me, and others, if our first thought is not "well, gee whiz, I guess I'm a fair-weather fan because I don't like DEAD NEIGHBORS." This has become (cover your eyes, Jeff) a very rough and dangerous neighborhood. And it is going to be a very rough and dangerous summer. And you'll have to excuse me if I often wonder why I ever moved here in the first place.

BLOGNOTES: Thank goodness I cancelled my Everyblock account when I did. Had I posted something today, it would've been censored by Becca Martin, director of censorship and management at Everyblock. 

See, Ms. Martin doesn't mind when neighbors cuss out neighbors and hide behind a phony internet name. Being anonymous on Everyblock has it's perks.  Just ask Becca Martin, who can hide safely in her suburban home. Far from the action on the ground in Rogers Park.


Craig Gernhardt said...

Jeff-O is sure to fight back. That's how it works on Everyblock.

Neighbors fighting neighors. Other than the blood and guts on the sidewalk, its no better than what's going down on the streets of Rogers Park these days.

Such a shame Everyblock has turned into a joke of a website. When I first used it in 2007, it wasn't this way.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Craig. I enjoy reading Everyblock to see what's going on in the neighborhood, but sometimes the bullshit is just too much to take. People are so vicious when they're protected by the internet anonymity. Leave, stay, I don't care. Just stop bickering! The sad part is that I'm sure these are all good people, but when they respond to comments and engage the trolls, everybody loses.

jeffo said...

My point is the neighborhood isnt necessarily getting worse. But the gangwar is, because there is less realestate to fight over.

jeffo said...
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Coke Zero's #1 fan said...

They should probably demand the Mayor re-open the mental health clinics so they can avail themselves of the services therein.