Thursday, March 22, 2012

City suspends Rogers Park nightclub known for shooting customers who don't pay bar tab

Gallagher's Bar, 1770 West Greenleaf.
photo by Craig Gernhardt
(Rogers Park) - Gallagher's Bar, 1770 West Greenleaf Avenue, won't be needing to use excessive force to collect any old bar tabs for a while.

The city of Chicago has slapped a big orange "Suspended" sticker on the door this week.

Gallagher's is located in CAPS beat 2424.

In March of 2011, I reported on the Broken Heart of Rogers Park, a Gallagher's bouncer, Danielito Valentin, who claimed to be an off-duty cop, flashed a badge and shot a patron for not paying his drinking bill in a timely fashion.

Valentin was arrested on March 20, 2011 and given an inmate #2011-0320103, with his bail was set at $75,000, according to

There is no records of Valentin in the Department of Corrections system as of March 22, 2012.

Gallagher's property location is owned by 1770 West Greenleaf Corporation, listed with the Secretary of State of Illinois as an "active" corporation - and the President's name listed on the state website for 1770 West Greenleaf Corporation as Ignacio Estrada; with an address of 6601 North California.

Leticia Estrada is listed as the corporations secretary, with the same address as the President.

Gallagher's has also been to Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Hearing Board numerous times in the last year, the latest date was February 21, 2012.

The hearing officer for the case (# 11-LR-0048) is Robert Nolan.

To his credit, Ald. Moore, who hold's popular local neighborhood get-together's called, "Follow me Friday" at various venues across the ward, has avoided taking his chances hosting an event at Gallagher's, even thou the 49th ward campaign offices are right next door .

We're guessing this was wise move on the Alderman's part. Everyone knows what could happen if you don't pay the tab on-time.

We'll keep you posted on any grand re-opening - ribbon cutting ceremonies.


jeffo said...

I never went to that bar, nor felt compelled to check it out. It wasnt very nice in there right?
It would do wonders to have a cool Bar there.

JWA said...

I used to live right next door, in what is now Alderman Moore's office. Sometimes the "off duty officer" working the door wore an actual uniform! I went in there on opening night, sat right in front of the band, and had a Corona. I had to make a hasty exit when I saw that all the guys there were staring at me and moving in, since I was the only white guy there. Over the years, I saw a lot of sh!t go down at this bar, none of it legal or moral. Adios, muchachos!