Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apathetic 49th ward residents stay away from the polls

(Rogers Park) - Even with the hottest temperatures Chicago has witnessed in recent memory, neighborhood apathy is at a near all time low for voting. As of 2 p.m., David Fagus said, "turnout was around 15%."

Asked why turnout was so low, Fagus responded that it was a "republican primary, there is just no interest."

That doesn't bode well for anyone running against the incumbent on the democratic side of the ticket.

That doesn't bode well for Paula Basta, either. In the hottest race of the neighborhood, Paula needs a great turnout of voters who don't like what's going on in Springfield, and want to see change. Voter apathy isn't going to help her cause.

State Rep. Kelly Cassidy didn't take her incumbency for granted. She campaigned hard this cycle.

As the polls have closed, only time will tell. The numbers will be showing up soon enough.

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