Sunday, August 12, 2012

Please... No more pictures

It's been seven days since I rescued this pit-bull puppy from Loyola Park after being left behind with nothing more than a rope tied around her neck. As you can see, Magic is getting mighty tired of me taking photos of her.  It's like, Craig, give the camera a rest. I'm tired of this photo crap already.

Cota on the other hand, loves the camera.

In the week since I've rescued her from a neglectful owner, one of our fine upstanding teachers with the Chicago Public School system (sic) has been charged with murdering a  'rescue pet' from a shelter.

Worse yet, this prick, Derek Fierro, teaches our Rogers Park children, a block from my home.

Goes to show you, it doesn't matter where you come from. Living in the park, or teaching children in our neighborhood public schools. Some people shouldn't have pets.


Jen C said...

Magic sure is coming along. Thank God you rescued that little darlin'.

Jen C said...

Magic looks good. So glad you have her now versus the thugs from the Lake.