Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Digestive disorder in CAPS Beat 2431

(ROGERS PARK) - One of our neighbors in CAPS Beat 2431 has the serious case of diarrhea. I mean  serious. He/she couldn't even wait to use the toilet, instead taking a "watery loaf" on the side of our condo building. Whoever it was, they were able to hit the wall at least *20 inches above the ground.

Now, there's many reason's one may have the "runs."  I'm sure hoping this wasn't one of our street beggar's who hang out at the Morse Ave. "L," didn't accumulate too much "loose" change while panhandling - sort of speak - and bought liquor instead of food.

For you new Loyola University pre-med students reading the blog for the first time, that's one of the causes of "osmotic" "secretory," or "exudative."

BLOGNOTES: Located in the alley at 1339 West Lunt Ave., this public shitter had to have been captured 'doing the duty' by the Reside on Morse video camera's. If you posted this on You-Tube in Germany, it'd guarantee to go viral. Kudo's to our condo president, Dick, who had this promptly removed before the fly's started to gather.

FOOTNOTES: *No, I didn't measure, it was a guestiment.

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Jen C said...

It's probably the intoxicated woman who is constantly creating problems up and down Morse avenue. That is disgusting Craig! Two guys from the Glenwood told me about a month ago they spotted this woman pooping right on the sidewalk late one evening.