Friday, May 4, 2012

Bill Savage: "I think children should be on leashes"

Leash-less Cota, in the middle of Morse Avenue,
during one of God's wraths upon the city.
(Rogers Park) - Some Rogers Park residents, like Bill Savage, want to leash children, like dogs.

In fact, people like Bill Savage would rather have the police deal with these issues instead of the weekly gang gun battles going on in the neighborhood.

Cota says "Bill Savage should go screw himself."

Kids should never be leashed, or caged.

Cota says, if this is the same Bill Savage, brother of Dan Savage, who called the Bible "Bullshit," this week, the Savage's have more to worry about than off-leash dogs, or children that Bill Savage say "should be leashed."

The Savage's should be worrying about God's wrath about now. Cota and I  hear God doesn't take kindly to his work of art being called "Bullshit," or children put on leashes.

You Savage brothers need to save that for your next sexual bondage seminar.


jeffo said...

I missed this discussion on everyblock. Very good place I guess for blog fodder. Im personally sick of that site.

I was voted off, so off I go. I will just post anything that I am up to on this site. I dont always agree with what you post Craig, but I support your right to post it.

Its less crowded here. :)

jeffo said...

I can submit pictures/stories every so often. I would rather do that on your site than everyblock. I dont like the leadership and "thought leaders" on that site. They can have their territory.

I would rather work on a smaller independent site. :)

I do think this is a silly story, but so be it. Its funny because the uptown everyblock serves as a site where things that cant be discussed on Uptown Update are discussed.

And your new blog serves as an aside and place to discuss things that cant be discussed on Everyblock.