Friday, April 20, 2012

What did the Police camera see?

Police cam at Howard and Ashland
(Rogers Park) - For the third time in a month there was a shooting with-in sight distance of a Police blue light camera. Yet, in all three shootings, no one has been captured.

Why is this? The city doesn't have a problem with the Red Light camera's not working. Those seem to work just fine.

The most recent shooting happened on April 19, 2012, around 8 p.m., at 7531 North Ashland. Police were getting multiple descriptions from everyday citizens who allegedly saw the shooting. Not everyone saw the same thing, apparently.

Again, why didn't the police immediately go to "instant replay" on their high-tech police pod that was positioned right across the street?

Isn't that what the Police camera was put there for?

I snapped this photograph from exactly where the shooting was to have occurred yesterday. What did this police camera see?

Why hasn't this camera arrested the shooter yet?

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What did the blue light camera see?

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