Sunday, April 1, 2012

Joe Moore rides to the rescue

Marshal Moore patrols Morse Ave.
(Rogers Park) - Ald. Joe Moore (D-49), fed up with the lawless shoot-outs on Morse Avenue over the weekend, has decided to take matters in his own hands.

Moore was seen riding down Morse Avenue on his rented horse on Sunday, just like Marshal Sam McCloud.

Moore calls it a 'special assignment'.

The positive loiterers welcomed Joe to their crime-fighting team. One even volunteered to clean up any manure Joe's rented horse left behind.

As for the business owners, they had mixed feelings. Chuckie's owner, Alex, was miffed the horse took up a parking space without paying the meter.

The owner of the Morse Fruit & Meat Market wasn't pleased with the horse not paying for the apples and carrots it ate.

Joe said this is a 'one-time deal', as the horse was due back at 6 p.m., or he'd have to pay a late fee.

As he reared up the horse for a real good photo-op, Ald. Moore took off - galloped down the street, shouting, "Yee-haw... ya' all, I got everything under control."


Bill Morton said...

Who's Joe Moore?

Gunga Dean said...

Doesn't he always alder about these parts?

Gunga Dean said...

when not ducking the gunfire.